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If one person's Free/Busy does not seem to be available for a Victrex employee, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.  

I can see definitely see both of your “free/busy” status which proves that this issue is specific to some PCs only not everyone.

I want to point out that most of you “used to” use a different mailbox in the past, and there was a period where Kleiss, and Victrex mailbox had co-existed (eg mail redirects)
until later during this year when a separate dedicated Victrex mailbox was created and migrated to the 365 environment, which is what you are using now.

Therefore, please do the following in order:

  1. Melissa (and others that also can’t see his calendar) need to open a blank new email, and type in Michael’s address as usual in the TO field (it will likely show up with “auto-entry” from past)

You need to DELETE this via the “X” (Example below)

  1. Now try to re-add his name again. This time you will likely need to find his name from the global address book instead
  2. After this, now try to see if Michael’s calendar free/busy status loads via the usual meeting Schedule Assistant view etc

If this STILL doesn’t show up, you might want to try below method in addition to above

  1. Open Outlook Calendar function as usual
  2. Open Calendar -> From Address book
  1. Find his name from the list and add it
  2. You will now see Michael’s name listed under Shared Calendars section
  3. Tick the box to open open his calendar, and check that his free/busy status is visible/loading
  4. Please also now go to “Send/Receive” tab on Outlook, and go to Send/Receive Groups -> Download address book
  5. Let this download complete fully
  6. Restart your PC to refresh Outlook, and Teams status
  7. After logging back to PC as usual, open Outlook and retry creating a meeting etc via Schedule Assistant

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