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The main shop floor has a dedicated phone for emergencies and site-wide intercom paging/announcements.  It is located by the timeclock and IQMS workstation at the entrance to the break room. 

There are two lines provisioned on the phone.  The top one, labeled Emergency Phone Line, will provide access to a standard outbound phone line with the ability to call 911.  The second line, labeled "Announcements" will turn on all intercoms on the site for an announcement or emergency situation.  The PA system can be used by simply pressing that line button and speaking into the handset.   Hang up to disconnect.    

If you would like to use a standard phone to use the intercom system, (until I add the speed dial entry to all of your phones), simply dial 715-338-3480 and press 777 after you hear the tone.  This can be programmed into a desk phone or cell phone as 7153383480,,777

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