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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be aware that while you are connected to the Kleiss Gears VPN, it is exactly as if your PC/laptop/tablet were connected to the network in the office.  All of your internet traffic is routed through the office.  That means: 

A) Have antivirus software installed on your home machine. 

B) Do not visit any sites you wouldn't visit in the office

C) Do not download/upload any copyrighted or offensive material (e.g., NO BitTorrent, Peer-to-Peer software, or streaming video sites) and ensure any background programs you use are completely shut down.

D) Disconnect from the VPN when you're done with KGI related business (exception: If you are traveling on KGI business, please stay connected to the VPN as much as you would like.      It's safer than a public WiFi hotspot.)


These instructions cover installing and using OpenVPN on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.  For alternate instructions for other operating systems (iOS,Android,*nix,BSD), please see this section.


First, request VPN access from IT.  Once you have been provided with an installer package, right-click it on the machine at home you'll be accessing KGI from, and choose "Run as Administrator".



Click Install below

Click Next without changing any settings.

Click Next, and then click Finish on the final screen.

You may get a question from Windows about installing a Device from OpenVPN.  Click Install if asked. 

Now, installation is finished.  To run it and connect, open your Windows Start menu, and type OpenVPN.  You'll see a listing for OpenVPN GUI appear.  Right-click it, and choose "Run as Administrator".

Now, OpenVPN GUI is running in your Taskbar Tray, near your Windows clock. The icon looks like a gray computer screen with a padlock on the right.  To connect and disconnect from the VPN, right-click the icon and choose Connect (or Disconnect to quit).


At this point, you can go to \\\Production Folders, run SolidWorks, start Spark, or any other tasks that normally require being connected to the office network.

If you are asked for a username and password, it will be the same as your Kleiss Gears workstation login, e.g., username will be kleissgears\Firstname.Lastname and your usual Windows password.


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