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If you have an issue that is more complex than can be explained with a simple screenshot, please consider using the Problem Steps Recorder built into Windows to report it to .  It will produce a ZIP file that you can attach which contains screenshots of each step along with detailed information from Windows about what was happening to the system at the time. 

To use it, simply press the Windows Key at the bottom left of your keyboard, or the icon at the bottom left of your screen that looks like: 

and type PSR .  An entry will appear at the top of the list called "Steps Recorder".  Select it, and then press Start Record.  Do what you were doing that caused/shows the problem, and when you're finished, press Stop Recording, and then Save.  You can attach that ZIP file to your Helpdesk ticket, and it contains much more helpful information than is contained in one screenshot, which will often help me resolve your problem faster and with less back-and-forth communication.  This tool is not required, it's just another way to improve service.  

Here's an example of the output from opening IQMS, logging in, and going to the Real Time Monitoring object.

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