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The Self Service password reset system is live, and you can enroll at this time to use it.

*Your Victrex password must be current and active in order to register, contact me if you need a reset to register*

The website is: and I recommend bookmarking it.

Go there, and you'll see this page:

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From there, fill in your username as victrexplc\firstname.lastname and your current Victrex password.  Also fill in the CAPTCHA request below the password field.  Click Login.

On the next pageTo reset your Victrex VNET/Learning Portal/Sharepoint/Teams password (all the same account):

First, register for self-service password resets using this link:

Enter your username as and your current VNET password.  Once that is complete, you'll be asked to Enroll.  Choose to Enroll, and then fill in the set a phone number and/or 5 security questions (of your choosing) and verify your answers.  DO NOT LOSE THESE ANSWERS, if you are going to answer them ambiguously It's a good idea to click "Show Answers" and take a screenshot of your answers.  Store that screenshot in a safe location, or write down your answers exactly as given, and keep them in your wallet or purse.  At this point, you can reset your own Victrex password at any time.  Please keep in mind you'll need to pay attention to the password strength and complexity guidelines on the Change Password page, or your new password will be rejected (the page will tell you).  

Important - Don't forget to change your saved password in Lync!

Lync saves your username and password for you if you let it, as otherwise it would have you login once a day.  Please remember to sign out of Lync before you update your Victrex password using the Self-Service Portal, otherwise, you will get locked out of the Victrex systems within an hour as Lync attempts to use your old, saved password.

To sign out of Lync, click the gear shaped icon at the upper right of the Lync screen, and choose File -> Sign out as shown below.

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Once you've finished changing your Victrex password, you can sign back into Lync with that new password and allow it to be saved again.  .  If you choose Security Questions, write down your exact answers and store them securely. Otherwise, you will not be able to reset your own password.  If you enroll a phone number, you'll receive a two-factor verification text with a code you'll need to enter to complete the password reset.  Once you have successfully registered for self-service password resets, you can then use the next link to reset your password when needed: Self Service Password Reset for Victrex PLC accounts  (

For more information, please see: