E-mail is not intended for transferring large files, and isn't very good at it.  Most e-mail providers limit file attachments to 10 megabytes in size, and even a typical Powerpoint presentation can exceed that size these days.  Many file transfer services exist on the internet, however, as they are managed by third-party providers, security cannot be fully guaranteed.  

To address these needs, we have our own, in-house File Transfer service.   It can be reached at https://files.kleissgears.com (screenshot below)

Login using your Victrex e-mail address and your Windows login password (the same password you login to your PC with every day).

Now, you have a standard style webmail page with a few different options (shown below):

Simply drag and drop the files you wish to attach, or click the "Add Files" button at the bottom.  Once you've added your files, fill out the form just like you were sending an e-mail.   On the right, you can choose the privacy and security level.  The least secure, but easiest to use for the recipient, is unchecking the box labeled "Require Authentication to access/download".  With that box unchecked, the recipient simply clicks the link in their e-mail from the system, and chooses where to save the file.  

For more security, leave that box checked, and the default is "Only specified Recipients can access".  That means that when they click the link, they'll be taken to the site to login.  If they don't currently have an account, it will walk them through creating one, at which time they'll be able to download the file. 

For a happy middle-ground, it can be set to "Only specified recipients and domain members can access".  That means that the message will verify their identity before they can download, but if they forward it to anyone else in the "@kleissgears.com" or "@victrex.com" e-mail domains, that person will be able to authenticate and download it as well.

Sometimes, you need a third party to send you something, and you want to make it as easy as possible.  Use the "Request File" button at the top center for that.  It will create a dialog like so:

And when you fill it out and send it to the user, they'll be taken to a special part of the site that doesn't require them to login, but just presents them with a pre-addressed, ready to send message that they can drag and drop their files on and click Send.  

I don't want to use a website to send large files, I really wish I could just use Outlook

There's a plugin for that!  At the bottom of this page, please watch the "Part 2" video and install the Outlook Plugin attached to this page, and configure it as shown in the video (or contact Jack, and I'll be happy to help you set it up).   This plugin allows you to send large files directly from Outlook.  

Video Walkthroughs:

PART 1 - Using the File Transfer appliance via the website

PART 2 - Using the File Transfer appliance via Outlook (Outlook plugin attached below the video)

Below is the Outlook Plugin that needs to be installed in order for the File Transfer service to work directly with Outlook.